Bruno Kazuhiro


Bruno Kazuhiro, born in 1988, started his work in politics when he was 19 years old and is the first son of two high school teachers.

He graduated from the National Faculty of Law (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) and has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Social and Political Studies Institute (State University of Rio de Janeiro), focusing his work in studies about electoral systems, institutional design, and political parties.

After being president of the Rio de Janeiro’s municipality youth wing for 5 years, he was elected in 2014 to work as the National President of the youth wing of Democratas, IDU’s member and biggest center-right party in Brazil.

He also works daily as a legislative assistant to Cesar Maia, leader of Democratas at Rio de Janeiro’s City Council and former Mayor of Rio.

Bruno mobilized his party youth wing to participate in the public demonstrations against corruption and the Worker’s Party government that led to President Rousseff’s impeachment for mismanaging public funds.

After being one of the IYDU Vice Chairmen, he was elected IYDU Deputy Chairman in 2015 and reelected in 2016.