Brexit vs. Frexit: same but different

By Charlotte Kude

The French presidential election has turned into the next test for the European Union: as the presenter of the TV debate featuring all 11 candidates observed, most of them are Eurosceptic. Interestingly, that includes those who describe themselves as “Gaullist”; General de Gaulle was the one who vetoed British membership of the EU twice because he felt that Britain didn’t subscribe to the vision of the founding members. Those in Britain who voted to leave the European Union last year did so for a variety of reasons which came down to precisely that conclusion. Continue reading

IYDU Annual Council Meeting

Miami 2016 IYDU
Freedom lovers,

We are just under one week away from the 2016 IYDU Annual Council Meeting and Election Observation. This time next week over 100 registered participants will be filing into historic Miami City Hall to kickoff the Annual Council Meeting. Continue reading

Alert: IYDU U.S. Election Observation

miamiiyduFreedom lovers,

We have had a great response for our election observation mission hosted by the Leadership Institute. You don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity in the most crucial swing state. However, there are only a limited spaces available for participation, so register today here: Continue reading