Chairman’s Welcome

The IYDU is unique in being a global network of centre-right youth and student parties. Youth organisations have a great advantage over our mother parties – we are freer to debate difficult political issues, at involving more people and we have a better chance at reaching further.

London 2014 participants

Participants at the IYDU-meeting in London 2014

In 2014 there are many efforts left to fight for. In Venezuela students are killed in nonviolent demonstrations. In Iran girls and women are denied basic human rights and are not treated as equals. Whilst Europe thinks that democracy is achieved – Belarus is still a dictatorship. The list goes on of freedom fights that are still left to fight – and the IYDUs unique position as a voice for undemocratic counties is still vital.

Youth organisations have better chances of involving more people, getting things done and making new alliances.

Our member organisations in highly developed democracies use the IYDU as the forum it is to spread information on how democracies work. Members from undemocratic countries should be able to go home from IYDU events with new ideas on political issues and facts about what democracies look like. Secondly, the IYDU is a forum for the exchange of best practices in campaigning and political work. Youth organisations should spread ideas amongst our selves in order to promote our policies in the best possible ways in our respective countries.

The IYDU brings people together, allowing for the exchange of ideas and best practices, discussing ongoing political issues and topics, and on promoting freedom and democratic values.

The IYDU events in the upcoming working will have a focus on the promotion of freedom for people and democracy. Violations of the political and civil human rights should be the basis for discussions at the Freedom Forum. The IYDU should also accommodate for the exchange of best practices between countries.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon.

Charlotte Spurkeland
Norway, Unge Hoyre