IYDU in Taiwan 13 – 17 January 2016

IYDU Asia Youth Forum and Taiwan Presidential Election Observation




Freedom lovers:

We have exciting news! We are proud to announce the International Young Democrat Union will open an office in Taiwan: IYDU Asia. To celebrate the official opening, we are hosting the IYDU Asia Youth Forum  13 – 17 January 2016 in conjunction with the Taiwanese presidential election.

IYDU Asia will be the first regional office opened by our organization and we are excited to do it in Asia. We will be working in partnership with the IDU regional partner the Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU). The mission of this office is to build a network of conservative and center-right youth parties that are not presently involved with either IYDU or IDU. We recognize the importance of growing our presence in the Asia-Pacific region to foster further development and alliance of like-minded political parties.


Program – We have an exciting agenda; the IYDU Asia Youth Forum, officially opening the IYDU Asia Office, and a visit with President Ma being some of the headlines of the event. We look forward to hearing Country Reports from our members, listen to exciting keynote speakers, visiting the KMT Presidential Campaign HQ, and take our members for a cultural excursion. The 2016 Presidential election in Taiwan will be held on 16 January and the IYDU delegates will be able to experience  the last days of the campaign.

Visas – For those of you that need a visa to travel to Taiwan, it is extremely important that you apply for your visa immediately as there are often delays in Embassy processing times.  For those who need an invite letter for their visa, fill out the registration form immediately, and email it to us at events@iydu-network.org Registration form (if you need a visa invitation letter)

Travel Arrangements – Each participant needs to cover their own travel, flights, and hotel.

Hotel –Rooms have been reserved, and the rate will be around 100 USD per night for double rooms. Please fill out the nights you need a room, through the registration.

Conference Language – A good level of spoken English is necessary to participate in this conference.

Registration – Please make sure to register for the event through EventBrite, at https://iydutaiwan.eventbrite.com

Practical information – Hotel details, transportation, tips and excursion info can be found here.  This document has also been sent to all participants.

– This page will be updated regularly with the most recent information about the event.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at events@iydu-network.org

Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan!


Practical Information & Excursions
Registration Form (if you need a visa)