Fake Invoices Warning

Some IYDU members have reported receiving an invoice purporting to be from the IYDU. These unsigned, unaddressed invoices claim to have been issued by ‘The International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) Executive.’ However the IYDU Executive has issued no such invoices.

The invoice demands 300 EURO to be paid into an account in Portugal. The IYDU does not have any account in Portugal. During its recent board meeting the IYDU Board agreed not to request any membership fees for the period 2014/ 15. No invoices will be issued by the IYDU until just prior to the 2015 Council Meeting.

Any demands for payments IYDU members receive are not legitimate and should be disregarded. As the IYDU has no connection to this account in Portugal, unfortunately it won’t be able to reimburse any money paid into this account. It seems that these invoices are linked to a gathering taking place in Portugal this weekend claiming to be an IYDU event. Please be aware that this is not organised by the IYDU and isn’t recognised by the IDU.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Sandy Tanner
Secretary General
secretary (at) iydu-network.org

Charlotte Spurkeland
IYDU Chairman
charlotte.spurkeland (at) iydu-network.org