IYDU Demands an End to Human Rights Violations in South America

Resolution as .pdf

RIO DE JANEIRO – At the Council Meeting of the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) discussing the political, economic, and social situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, the IYDU determined:

Realizing that free and fair elections with the participation of political parties in opposition without fear of retribution are one of the principal pillars of the democratic development of the countries;

Taking into account the serious threats to democracy and freedom of the destabilizing ideologies of socialism, communism, and Chavismo exist in countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica;

Acknowledging that member parties of IYDU are organizations that work to stimulate the progress of freedom, justice, and democracy globally;

Recognizing that we cannot allow these regimes the opportunity to flourish in these countries or anywhere without being a threat to freedom loving people everywhere,


Constant violations to human rights and individual freedoms in Venezuela and Ecuador must end – immediately;

Support for political leaders who resist human rights violations, fight against the abridgment of individual freedoms, and defend freedom of peaceful assembly and protest of those in opposition to an oppressive regime;

International organizations be cognizant of the plight of those oppressed, create missions to stop human rights violators

The IYDU demands with specificity:

Freedom for all political prisoners in Venezuela and Cuba;

International groups send observers to Venezuela leading up to the December 2015 parliamentary elections to ensure the democratic process is upheld so that free and fair elections exists;

Member parties act to the best of their abilities to influence the governments of their respective countries to protest the violations against freedom of expression in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In conclusion, the IYDU remains steadfastly committed to free people, the rule of law, liberal democracy, and the right of self determination believing that without freedom of speech or freedom of assembly none of those pillars of democracy can flourish.