IYDU statement on the death of Fidel Castro

Sirley Ávila León and John Suarez

One of the most powerful stories I’ve heard this year was that of Sirley Ávila León. She’s pictured here with John Suarez of the Free Cuba Foundation, addressing International Young Democrat Union delegates at our recent council meeting in Miami.

Sirley was the victim of a brutal machete attack organized by Cuban state security on 24 May 2015. The man responsible beat and mutilated this woman, and left her for dead in her home in Havana.

This is Fidel Castro’s legacy. The man was a violent tyrant. He was a murderer, a robber, a racist, a homophobe, and a torturer. The trail of human destruction he leaves behind is worthy of nothing but obloquy.

The death of Fidel Castro is not a time to mourn. It’s an opportunity to write a new chapter for a Cuba. One that is free from oppression, and which embraces democracy, human rights and human dignity.

¡Viva Cuba libre!

Simon Breheny
IYDU Chairman