Last nail in the coffin for Obama’s relations with Israel

Netanyahu Obama Israel USA
By Tamir Wertzberger

It’s less than a month until Obama’s term comes to an end and it seems that the American president would do all he can to leave chaos and anarchy behind him as he exits the White House.

After failing to solve the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine and an ‘Arab Spring’ that turned into an ‘Arab winter’ as he betrayed the US’ traditional allies in the Middle East, Obama is now trying to set fire to the last stronghold that survived his two terms.

From an Israeli perspective, the first of his betrayals came with the nuclear deal with Iran. Not only did he get a very bad deal which will not stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb in the future, but he also showed that he was ready to negotiate with a radical regime constantly calling for the destruction of the state of Israel and supporting terrorist organizations responsible for thousands of terror attacks against innocent Israeli citizens, without even demanding an end to such behavior.

Even those who claimed after the deal that Obama showed good will and accused the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, of hurting relations between Israel and the USA by trying to stop the bad deal with Iran, admit today, according the UN Security Council’s resolution against Israel from last month, that the American president himself is the problem. Even Obama’s supporters, including many Jews in the USA, traditionally more related to the Democratic party, have doubts about his real intentions.

The UNSC’s resolution was tragic and historic not only because of its content, as for the first time the UNSC approved all of the Palestinian demands and stuck to the UNESCO’s line of rewriting history and deleting any connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem. Even more tragic and historic was the fact that – and that is now clear to everyone – this resolution was planned and promoted by Obama’s administration itself. This was Obama trying to complete within the time in office he has left what he failed to do over 8 whole years: not peace between Israel and Palestinians – you don’t have to be a Middle East expert to understand that such a move would only delay peace further – but hurting Israel and imposing his anti-Israeli policy and agenda onto the President-elect, Donald Trump.

The speech given by US Secretary of State John Kerry just a few days later, in an attempt to justify US behavior, only added fuel to the fire, and in his speech John Kerry actually illustrated the main problem in the way the Obama administration and the International Community are treating and understanding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

From their point of view, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict started in June 1967 and anything that happened before June 1967 is one big irrelevance. 4000 years of Jewish life in these territories, declared by UNSC as lands occupied by the Jews, with historians and archeologists backing this up every day with new evidence.

What’s more, pointing out the so-called Jewish “settlements” as the only obstacle for peace is focusing on a result of the conflict, not on the reason. Obama doesn’t want to deal with real problems, he is even afraid to do so and prefers to go the easy way and throw all the responsibility on the only side who is genuinely ready, and has been for years, to take some real steps towards peace and shows a real will to end the conflict. Obama ignored all the Israeli victims of the conflict before 1967 and sees the Jews as those who create problems, turning a blind eye to the Arabs who take lives.

The idea that the only way to end this conflict is if the Jews just disappear from the area is a racist and neo-fascist idea, and any resolution from a third party that ignores the Jewish historical rights and will not deal with the reason for this conflict – the Arabs’ refusal to recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state – will just make peace impossible.

Leaders like the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Theresa May, and even the Russian President Vladimir Putin understand this point and rejected Kerry’s speech. The question is not when will Obama understand but how much more damage he will cause until he leaves office and goes back to the place where he belongs – the history books.

Tamir Wertzberger
IYDU Vice-Chairman
International Relations Coordinator in the Likud Party