Maldives – Mohamed Nasheed IDU Party Leader Taken Back to Jail

maldives mohamed nasheed idu party leader 2015Former President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) – leader of IDU’s member party in the Maldives – has been taken back to jail, eight weeks after he was transferred to house arrest.

His 13-year sentence, handed down in a sham trial described as ‘a travesty of justice’ by Amnesty International, was officially commuted to house arrest on 19 July. A copy of the document can be found here. Now, the corrections department claims not to have received the document.

Following Nasheed’s arrest, crowds of demonstrators gathered outside his house in protest. Police arrived at his residence and began indiscriminately pepper spraying protestors and journalists. Please see below some of the photos taken from witnesses.

The IYDU again calls on the Maldivian authorities to immediately release President Nasheed and re-open negotiations with the opposition.

IDU has also released a statement on the issue.

Photos from protest against the arrest can be found here.