IYDU statement on antisemitism

We, at the International Young Democrat Union, recognize that Anti-Semitism today is also motivated by anti-Israel sentiments directly linked to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict.

We declare the following symptoms as Anti-Semitism:

Verbal or physical violence, or vandalism against Jews as a statement against Israel;
Denial of the State of Israel’s right to exist;
Demonisation of the State of Israel;
De-legitimisation of Israel’s existence;
Boycott or calling for boycotts of Israel;
Discriminating against Israelis on grounds of nationality.

The Executive Board of the International Young Democrat Union
June, 2017

Brexit vs. Frexit: same but different

By Charlotte Kude

The French presidential election has turned into the next test for the European Union: as the presenter of the TV debate featuring all 11 candidates observed, most of them are Eurosceptic. Interestingly, that includes those who describe themselves as “Gaullist”; General de Gaulle was the one who vetoed British membership of the EU twice because he felt that Britain didn’t subscribe to the vision of the founding members. Those in Britain who voted to leave the European Union last year did so for a variety of reasons which came down to precisely that conclusion. Continue reading

IYDU statement on Bolivia

The International Young Democrat Union on Bolivia:

The Executive Board of the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) joins our member organization, the Youth of the Democratic Social Movement of Bolivia in solidarity with the national Vice President of the mother party, former Governor Ernesto Suarez who has been unjustly and arbitrarily detained in another act of repression that has characterized the government of Evo Morales. The political use of the judiciary has been the preferred method of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) to try and submit before them any democratic voice and our Bolivian allies have been amongst the most persecuted by this farce.

Having been defeated in his attempt at reforming the Constitution to allow a fourth consecutive term, Morales and his party have radicalized and resorted to an increase in harassment of other political parties as well as independent voices within the Bolivian society. Through completely unfounded allegations, Governor Suarez has become a political prisoner in an act that looks to further intimidate the opposition.

We call upon the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights to look into the subject and take action before Bolivia too, like other countries in the ALBA, falls into systematic violations of basic rights of the people.

The Executive Board of the International Young Democrat Union
April, 2017