Speech to the IYDU Asia Forum 2016, by IYDU Chairman Jason F. Emert

IYDU Chairman Jason F. Emert’s speech to the IYDU Asia Forum, on January 14th, 2016:

Good morning!

It is wonderful to see so many people here today at the International Young Democrat Union Asia Youth Forum. It is an exciting time to be in the Republic of China during the last couple of days of an election. IYDU is honored to be here to support the robust democracy that thrives here on Taiwan.
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IYDU in Taiwan 13 – 17 January 2016

IYDU Asia Youth Forum and Taiwan Presidential Election Observation




Freedom lovers:

We have exciting news! We are proud to announce the International Young Democrat Union will open an office in Taiwan: IYDU Asia. To celebrate the official opening, we are hosting the IYDU Asia Youth Forum  13 – 17 January 2016 in conjunction with the Taiwanese presidential election. All are welcome to attend. Continue reading

IYDU Demands an End to Human Rights Violations in South America

Resolution as .pdf

RIO DE JANEIRO – At the Council Meeting of the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) discussing the political, economic, and social situation in Latin America and the Caribbean, the IYDU determined:

Realizing that free and fair elections with the participation of political parties in opposition without fear of retribution are one of the principal pillars of the democratic development of the countries;

Taking into account the serious threats to democracy and freedom of the destabilizing ideologies of socialism, communism, and Chavismo exist in countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica;

Acknowledging that member parties of IYDU are organizations that work to stimulate the progress of freedom, justice, and democracy globally;

Recognizing that we cannot allow these regimes the opportunity to flourish in these countries or anywhere without being a threat to freedom loving people everywhere,
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#IYDUmunich kicks off this week!


We’re excited to see our participants at #IYDUmunich in just a few days. The final program with practical information can be found right here, as well as the participant list.  More than 60 participants are registered so far. We have put together a program with our excellent hosts from CSU and Junge Union Bayern, that we hope you will enjoy.  We’re looking forward to welcoming you all in Munich!

IYDU Chairman’s statement on the terrorist attacks in France – #Prayers4Paris


Let me be frank, the news of last night’s attack in France left me angry and heartbroken. This terrorist strike in Paris by ISIL was an assault on all freedom-loving people around the world. This is particularly difficult for me as my own country’s government has failed to lead, allowing the warped view of Islamic extremists, who perverted religion to create panic and death. But now we must take action.
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An American in Canada; My Perspective & Experience on the Ground During the Canadian National Election

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper energizing a crowd of Conservative voters at the Toronto Congress Centre

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper with Conservative voters at the Toronto Congress Centre

By Brandon Kenig, Co-Chair of YRNF’s International Committee:
A political sea change has engulfed our neighbor to the north that will have a major impact on us here in the United States. Last Monday, Canadians rejected another term for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and provided Justin Trudeau’s Liberals with a resounding majority across the country, the most significant political shift in nearly 10 years.

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