IYDU Chairman’s statement on the terrorist attacks in France – #Prayers4Paris


Let me be frank, the news of last night’s attack in France left me angry and heartbroken. This terrorist strike in Paris by ISIL was an assault on all freedom-loving people around the world. This is particularly difficult for me as my own country’s government has failed to lead, allowing the warped view of Islamic extremists, who perverted religion to create panic and death. But now we must take action.
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An American in Canada; My Perspective & Experience on the Ground During the Canadian National Election

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper energizing a crowd of Conservative voters at the Toronto Congress Centre

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper with Conservative voters at the Toronto Congress Centre

By Brandon Kenig, Co-Chair of YRNF’s International Committee:
A political sea change has engulfed our neighbor to the north that will have a major impact on us here in the United States. Last Monday, Canadians rejected another term for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and provided Justin Trudeau’s Liberals with a resounding majority across the country, the most significant political shift in nearly 10 years.

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IYDU goes to Canada – Election Deployment

IYDU is joining the Young Republican National Federation as we travel up to our conservative friends in Canada! Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government faces their first re-election campaign and needs help in key electoral regions in western Canada (metro Vancouver), Ontario (the Toronto suburbs), and Quebec (the west island regions of Montreal). Continue reading

The 24th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence

Ukrainian Independence DayToday marks the 24th anniversary of Ukrainian Independence.

While we celebrate their independence and the fall of the oppressive Soviet Union, we concurrently stand united with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters as their way of life is threatened by Russian-backed rebels on the eastern front. This unnecessary confrontation has cost almost 7,000 lives and threatened Ukrainian sovereignty. Even last night the rebels violated the current cease-fire agreement 82 times according to Ukrainian officials.

The world cannot afford to sit idly by and allow this provocation to go unchecked. So, let us continue to support Ukrainian independence today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Maldives – Mohamed Nasheed IDU Party Leader Taken Back to Jail

maldives mohamed nasheed idu party leader 2015Former President Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) – leader of IDU’s member party in the Maldives – has been taken back to jail, eight weeks after he was transferred to house arrest.

His 13-year sentence, handed down in a sham trial described as ‘a travesty of justice’ by Amnesty International, was officially commuted to house arrest on 19 July. A copy of the document can be found here. Now, the corrections department claims not to have received the document.

Following Nasheed’s arrest, crowds of demonstrators gathered outside his house in protest. Police arrived at his residence and began indiscriminately pepper spraying protestors and journalists. Please see below some of the photos taken from witnesses.

The IYDU again calls on the Maldivian authorities to immediately release President Nasheed and re-open negotiations with the opposition.

IDU has also released a statement on the issue.

Photos from protest against the arrest can be found here.

Successful IYDU Council Meeting in Rio

Rio group photo

Some of the participants at the first day of #IYDUrio

IYDU elected a new Executive after a successful Council Meeting in Rio de Janeiro. A few achievements from ‪#‎IYDUrio‬ include a newly elected board, adding seven new member organizations, and outlining our goals for 2015-2016. Most notably, we will shortly be announcing upcoming events covering the next six months – needless to say we will be busy.
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Final program: IYDU Council Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio 2015

This years big meeting will be held in Brazil, and our hosts are Juventude Democratas. August 3- 6 2015.

The invitation is available here, and invitations has been sent out to all member organizations. Haven’t received an invite? Contact us at secretary@iydu-network.org

The final program is available by clicking here.

Last chance to register is this coming Friday, July 31st. You can register for the event at EventBrite.

Please note that this is the official Council Meeting of the IYDU, as confirmed by the IDU. No other meetings of the IYDU are scheduled at this time.
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We shall never forget – Norway July 22nd 2011

OsLove - gathering with roses july 25th 2011, three days after the attack. Photo: Kim Erlandsen, NRK. CC: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

OsLove – gathering with roses, Oslo, July 25th 2011, three days after the attack. Photo: Kim Erlandsen, NRK. CC: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/


The afternoon of July 22, 2011 shocked Norway and left the world in disbelief. The events of that day shook the Norwegian people to their core when one sick man perpetuated the most inhumane acts of extremism – indiscriminately taking the lives of 77 people.
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