IYDU Chairman’s statement on the terrorist attacks in France – #Prayers4Paris


Let me be frank, the news of last night’s attack in France left me angry and heartbroken. This terrorist strike in Paris by ISIL was an assault on all freedom-loving people around the world. This is particularly difficult for me as my own country’s government has failed to lead, allowing the warped view of Islamic extremists, who perverted religion to create panic and death. But now we must take action.

The generation above us is mired in a war of words, neutered by political correctness. We are facing true evil and these organizations’ attempts to disrupt the lives of peaceful civilians can no longer be tolerated. ISIL cannot merely be contained; it must be eliminated. What President Hollande said in response to these vicious attacks is correct, there must be a swift and forceful response to these attacks.

Some of our world leaders have chosen to be weak when confronting the growing problems of terrorism. We mustn’t let that continue, if we continue to do nothing these people who pervert religion to forward their violent ideology will win.

We must take a stand, and to start we must call these acts what they are: evil. Evil can not be negotiated with, it cannot be rationalized, and it must not be allowed to persist.

Let us keep in mind, when facing the evilness of our parents and grandparents generation — Soviet Communism — Ronald Reagan declared, “Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same….”

We are combating a stateless enemy who lives in the shadows and thrives on terror. Our willingness to defeat them relies on our commitment to rooting them out wherever they lurk. This is the only way to ensure freedom for our generation and our children’s generation. This burden has been laid on us and we need to stand up and confront it.

“C’est vrai pour moi, tout homme a deux pays, le sien & puis la France.” This attack in France is very personal to me, I have strong connections and friendships there. I am lucky my friends are safe. I cannot imagine the pain of those who were not so lucky. Each of the lives lost yesterday must not be forgotten.

The International Young Democrat Union calls on all freedom loving countries to join us in not only denouncing this atrocity, but rallying to the defense of our French compatriots in the global war on terror.

Vive la France. Nous sommes unis.

Jason F. Emert
International Young Democrat Union