Statement on the resignation of the Rt Hon John Key

John Keys PM

This afternoon local time Rt Hon John Key, Chairman of the International Democrat Union and Prime Minister of New Zealand, announced his resignation as Prime Minister, effective Monday 12 December.

John Key will be remembered and celebrated as one of New Zealand’s greatest Prime Ministers, having led the National Party for 10 years, and New Zealand for 8 years. He has undeniably made our country a much better place than he found it.

Since 2008 New Zealand has withstood a global financial crisis and a series of massive earthquakes with growing resilience, just as the confidence with which our small island nation faces the world has matured.

John Key leaves an economy with forecast growth of nearly 4%, unemployment below 5% and falling, inflation below 1%, and a strengthening budget surplus, while public spending on health and education has increased.

We Kiwis are privileged to have lived in a time, with a Prime Minister, who gave to our country his all, a sentiment mirrored by most.

John Key has put the National Party in poll position to become the first 4th term government in New Zealand since 1969. That’s a prospect built upon not only his strength, but the strength of the team around him. That strength includes that of our Ministers and MPs, and the Young Nationals, who I am privileged to lead.

The Young Nationals have an incredibly exciting challenge ahead to support a new leader and Prime Minister.

The IYDU joins with the New Zealand Young Nationals today in thanking John Key for all that he has done, and wishing him every ongoing success in the future. We look forward to continuing to work closely with him in his capacity as chairman of the IDU.

Stefan Sunde
President, New Zealand Young Nationals