What the WhatsApp block in Brazil represents



YDU Deputy Chairman Bruno Kazuhiro of Juventude Democratas Brazil released a statement on WhatsApp after a judge ordered over 100 million accounts blocked in Brazil.

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The decision to block WhatsApp shows a strong state interference in the life of the Brazilian citizens.

People use WhatsApp to communicate on a daily basis, including on medical emergencies, with family members and to solve professionals matters.

It is clear that the decision was arbitrary, as it’s limiting the rights of millions of people.

However, it’s more important to realize that this is the world the left wants us to live in.

It was the left that voted through the laws, setting the legal basis to this absurd decision.

By doing this, the left creates situations similar to that of China, North Korea and Cuba, preventing citizens from being able to exchange information freely.

In summary, this period without WhatsApp shows us how our lives would be if the left gets everything they want.

If you’re a young left-winger who defends a strong government which controls everything, charges high taxes and “brings equality”, understand that this is the equality that they bring: cutting public access to information equally, dumbing down and killing innovation.

Today’s Brazilian leftists can’t complain about the ban of WhatsApp. This is the world they defend.

Bruno Kazuhiro
IYDU Deputy Chairman
Chairman of Juventude Democratas, Brazil