Young Leaders Respond to Terrorism


Resolution as .pdf

MUNICH – During the IYDU Executive meeting in Munich on 18th – 21st of  November, 2015 the IYDU adopted the following resolution on the war against terror.

Considering that:

The IYDU believes all countries should not live under the shadow of terror and have the right to determine their own defense.

The events of the terror attacks in Paris, France reminded the world that all countries are at risk from extremist elements, though thousands of people have already experienced similar horrific events, resulting in the refugee crisis impacting so many nations.

The IYDU therefore:

Condemns all targeted violence that causes loss of life and acts that subject the people of the world to fear. Every casualty should be mourned.

Further condemns countries and organizations that contribute to terrorism by allowing trafficking and money laundering which contribute to the refugee crisis.

Recognizes terrorism as any organized act of violence targeting not only state powers but the people themselves and the concept of a free and democratic system; terrorism is more than just one group, it includes lone wolf acts inspired by the same destructive mindsets that perverts religion, particularly Islam.

Urges leadership on this initiative, the responsibility to halt terrorism cannot be undertaken by a single nation, it impacts all states and peoples.

Encourages international leaders to look for specific solutions as well as preventative measures to stop future terrorist acts, working together to help prevent crisis before it happens.

Calls for strong resolve balanced with measured actions, particularly in military responses. Acts of retaliation must be specific and require exact targeting to avoid unnecessary loss of life. These decisions must be carried out carefully.

Supports finding a permanent solution to the refugee crisis, specifically by focusing the world’s efforts on countries near Syria, the most critical source of migration.

Encourages facing radicalization head-on by countering ideology, protecting vulnerable minorities and immigrants, promoting social inclusion and social integration, and seeking to better understand the reasons for radicalization.

Calls for a collective approach to confronting terrorism which would include sharing important resources such as training, monitoring, and intelligence, as well as providing support, including funds, to vulnerable countries shouldering the largest burden.

In the strongest terms, urges unity. Terrorism has become a political tool which attacks human rights, human dignity, and human life. Now is the time that the international community must come together to confront terrorism and its supporters.